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    Verus 1

    (Fuck with my heart)
    I'll teach you what it's like

    (To be so used)
    That you'll have to clean

    The dirt
    Stuck in
    Your plastic fingernails

    And just the scent of you is enough
    (To make me sick)

    And all I know is
    Revenge is sweet when

    You know that you are worthless
    And I am better than
    The games that you play princess
    (I've played)
    And always win

    Verus 2

    (I'll take my time)
    To slowly plot your end

    (But now I will)
    Spit bullets with my pen

    And all I know is
    You're cute when you scream


    I'll take you, onto the top
    Of this building and just push you off
    Run down the stairs so I can see
    Your face, as you hit the street

    The Street x3


    You know, that you are worthless
    (And I) Am better than
    The games, that you play princess
    (Well I've played)
    And always win

    (This time I win
    So heres your kiss Goodbye)

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