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    When the daylight shines
    I'm gonna see your face

    Whoa yeah
    Can we go back to the moments that we held before
    Now I'm movin' inside to the place beyond the door
    You said son it seems it's time you wait
    Trip into the hazy shadow crawlin' down his face

    Now you can do it, don't let it slip right through
    Don't let the maddest peak pick a part of you
    Walk away in the dark
    Too much prayin'
    Too strange to sleep
    Come down to my house baby
    There's things you wont believe

    Black sun morning
    Coming up to greet the dawn
    Black sun morning
    Coming up to greet us all
    To greet us all

    Oh should I go or stay if I hear lies
    I feel them burnin' me in the back of my eyes
    And I see it all the time
    Visions scarin' me inside
    Half a simple day and night
    Should I stay or should I hide


    I can see in her eyes
    Lyin' above her
    Shout it out if I'm left out
    Call it now
    I feel it slippin'
    Through my fingers
    I feel it slippin' away, away, away


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