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    They claim as one
    But we all know that without me you are nothing
    Until depressed and invalid
    Let our love be postmodern
    Afflicting her personal onto a judgement; she left it so broad
    How, if I've never wronged you must I deserve too
    Hand in hand we will see
    That I will take you faster
    But this is more than a way and there is more you can say
    As it welcomes you to the day of the human portrait please
    Lead and glorify these expectations once lost on me
    Fear not to kill the king
    It is always good to die
    Brush the cardiac
    Let it flow into me
    As you seem to care
    As you might seem to believe
    Just believe me
    But this is a world that I can't
    That I cannot violate
    For heavy is the head that wears the crown
    And heavy is the frame inside of me
    Less aristocrats and carnivores expound
    By now
    We should respond and globalize our fears
    And our loves and ourselves
    And our dreams
    And we should know
    That right here
    That right now
    That we are none other than the defiant ones
    Go and take

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