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    When I'm lookin' at you, keep thinkin
    Why can't she be like you, so I'm schemin'
    I can't go on like this, Believe that her love is true
    Standing on the dance floor, while she drinkin'
    You are all I want girl, She's a chicken
    We might be together, But love is missin'
    Girl I want you,So what can we do?

    Girl if it's alright,
    lets go somewhere and get it on tonight (just get it on)
    I got a girl but you look good tonight (you look so good baby)
    It's one on one tonight, tonight
    Girl if it's alright,(alright)
    let's go somewhere and get it on tonight (get it on)
    You shouldn'y have to be alone tonight (yea yea)
    It's one on one tonight, tonight

    Now she's lookin' at me, but keep talkin'
    Oh now shes tryin to ice you, Just start walkin
    Over on the dance floor,it's her fault but what did she do?
    Tell me baby
    Girl if your ready
    GIRL: Im ready
    We can get it on
    GIRL: we can get it on
    I know where i went wrong
    GIRL:She's where you went wrong
    This is where I belong
    Girl if I,could find the words to say, tooo say yea
    I gotta get away, from a love
    That kills me everyday (everyday)


    yea yea...aww
    (one on one)


    My baby's stressin me, you need to come with me
    We need to go somewhere,tonight,tonight

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