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    It was midnight
    At the party
    As you walked in
    Lookin' nice
    You had Versace
    All over your body
    And your thong
    With no panty line

    And that's
    When you started
    Shakin' your hips
    Lickin' your lips
    Using your eyes
    Rollin' your thighs

    All of the things
    That turn a man on

    You know I was
    Kinda checkin' you out
    There was no doubt
    You were about
    Checkin' me out

    There's no need to
    Come on so strong

    You're finding me
    Way too tight but you
    Gotta be shakin' that thing
    Like you a part of me
    You don't gotta
    Be that way to
    Ride wit me
    If you could
    Save all that

    Now that
    We are moving
    And you're lookin'
    Kinda wild
    With your body
    In position
    And then lean in
    Doggy style

    Right then
    I knew for me
    It was on
    It wouldn't be long
    Till we were gone
    That's what I want

    You could have had me
    Without all that play

    Right then I thought of
    Takin' you home
    But leave you alone
    'Cause you weren't about
    Makin' it out

    There's no way to
    Fine act that way

    [Repeat chorus]

    What could ever make you
    Think you had the dough
    To throw yourself at me?
    The way you look baby
    You could have anyone
    Why can't you see?

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