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    Wondering and waiting, my back agaist the wall
    Not a word that passed between us comes to recall
    Just you shadow at the window as you pass on down the hall
    You never wanted me and never knew me at all

    I haven't any picture to set before my eyes
    Nothing I can blame when the blues start to rise
    Just the memory of laughter and a living out of lies
    But if I could change my ways we would never have said goodbye

    If you ever get the time, please think of me
    It's a lock that can't be broken and there isn't any key
    I'm only in your mind, only you can set me free
    You can't hurt me anymore and it isn't hard to see

    Someday, someone will leave you and I know you'll feel the same
    But you'll mark it down to memory and a dream that never came
    But they are no answers given when love is just a game
    And you never wanted me and now I feel the same

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