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    Do I ever wonder? you dont know.

    Youll never follow, and Ill never show.

    Dyou see the water and watch it flow

    And float an empty shell,

    And you think that Im hiding from the island.

    Youve a fault in your senses. can you feel it now?

    Time? what is that? Ive no time to care.

    Ive lived for a long while nearly everywhere.

    You will be taken, everyone, you ladies and you gentlemen.

    Fall and listen with your ears upon the paving stone.

    Is that what you hear? the coming of the sea?

    Sea flows under your doors in london town.

    And all your defences are all broken down.

    You laugh at me on funny days, but mines the slight of hand.

    Dont you know I am a joker, a deceiver?

    And Im waiting for the land.

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