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    They stood upon the deck
    As the ship went out to sea.
    The wind it took the sails
    And left the land a memory.
    All upon the shore for
    To wonder why the sailor goes.
    All to close their eyes
    And wonder what the sailor knows.

    That is you to them,
    That is how they think you are.
    Never on the land,
    But sailing by the north star.

    To the tower and to the ravens
    And the tale that hopes they'll never leave.
    What if they should go?
    We always dread to think of them.
    I wonder if they flew one day
    And no-one ever knew they'd gone
    To circle over ships at sea,
    Claiming yet another son.

    That is you to me,
    That is where i think you are.
    Never on the land,
    But gone to find the north star.

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