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    How often haunting the highest hilltop

    I scan the ocean, a sail to see

    Will it come tonight, love, will it come tomorrow

    Or ever come, love, to comfort me

    (chorus "the boatman" in gaelic):

    O fare thee well, love, whereer thou be

    They call thee fickle, they call thee false one

    And seek to change me but all in vain

    Thou art my dream yet throughout the dark night

    And every moment I watch the main

    Theres not a hamlet, too well I know it,

    Where you go wandering or stay awhile

    But all its old folk you win with talking

    And charm its maidens with song and smile

    Doth thou remember the promise made me,

    A token plead, a silken gown

    That ring of gold with your hair and portrait

    That gown and ring I will never own

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