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    He was a stranger to himself,

    A spy in his own camp,

    And his money was his health,

    All thrown to the dust by his very own hand.

    Yet his beauty lingered still,

    Beyond the draining of the sand,

    But greener was the other side of the hill,

    Richer was the other mans land.

    But we loved him, loved him just like brothers would.

    We loved him, loved him like no others could,

    And she loved him, loved him like a lover should.

    Take good care of an aching heart,

    You never can replace it.

    You know you are the master of your art,

    Youll realise that when you think it fit.

    Those orbs of blue are jading away,

    No laughter from these dances.

    Yet youre bound to remember this one day,

    Hazards are risks, and risks are chances.

    You can run for cover, run for cover like a frightened hare,

    Till its all over, all over and theres no-one there,

    cause you darent discover, darent discover that we really care.

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