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    The king sits in dunfermline town

    Drinking of the blood red wine,

    where can I get a good sea captain

    To sail this mighty ship of mine?

    Then up there spoke a bonny boy

    Sitting at the kings right knee,

    sir patrick spens is the very best seaman

    That ever sailed upon the sea.

    The king has written a broad letter

    And sealed it up with his own right hand,

    Sending word unto sir patrick

    To come to him at his command.

    an enemy then this must be

    Who told a lie concerning me,

    For I was never a very good seaman

    Nor ever do intend to be.

    last night I saw the new moon

    With the old moon in her arm,

    A sign, the sign since we were born

    That means therell be a deadly storm.

    They had not sailed upon the sea

    A day, a day, but barely three,

    When loud and boisterous grew the winds

    And loud and stormy grew the sea.

    Then up there came a mermaiden

    A comb and glass all in her hand,

    heres a health to you my merry young men,

    For youll not see dry land again!

    oh, long may my lady look

    With a lantern in her hand

    Before she sees my bonny ship

    Come sailing homewards to dry land.

    Forty miles off aberdeen

    The waters fifty fathoms deep

    There lies good sir patrick spens

    With the scots lords at his feet.

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