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    One evening as I rambled

    Among the leaves so green,

    I overheard a young woman

    Converse with reynardine.

    Her hair was black, her eyes were blue,

    Her lips as red as wine,

    And he smiled to gaze upon her,

    Did that sly, bold reynardine.

    She said, ``kind sir, be civil,

    My company forsake,

    For in my own opinion

    I fear you are some rake.

    ``oh no, he said, ``no rake am i,

    Brought up in venus train,

    But Im seeking for concealment

    All along the lonesome plain.

    ``your beauty so enticed me,

    I could not pass it by,

    So its with my gun Ill guard you

    All on the mountains high.

    ``and if by chance you should look for me,

    Perhaps youll not me find,

    For Ill be in my castle,

    Inquire for reynardine.

    Sun and dark she followed him,

    His teeth did brightly shine,

    And he led her up a-the mountains,

    Did that sly, bold reynardine.

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