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    Ye gentlemen of high renown, come listen unto me

    That takes delight in fox hunting by every degree

    A story I will tell to you, concerning of a fox

    Near royston woods and mountains high and over stony rocks

    Bold reynard, being in his hole and hearing of these hounds

    Which made him for to prick up his ears and tread upon the ground

    ``methinks me hears some jubal hounds a-pressing upon the life

    Before that they should come to me, Ill tread upon the ground

    We hunted for four hours or more through parishes sixteen

    We hunted for four hours or more and came by parkworth green

    ``oh, if youll only spare my life, I promise and fulfil

    To touch no more your feathered fowl or lambs on yonder hill

    Bold reynard, spent and out of breath and treading on this ground

    Thinking he must give up his life before these jubal hounds

    ``so heres adieu to ducks and geese, likewise to lambs also

    Theyve got poor reynard by the slabs and will not let them go

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