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    Its a grey, grey morning, the rain it do fall

    Im feeling hungry and low

    My beds so empty, how I wish I could call

    On the painted ladies I know

    When youve got no credit, dont hold no sway

    With the painted ladies I know

    Its a ``thank you for nothing, well see you someday

    The painted ladies I know

    Leave at home what you value enough

    And laugh all your senses away

    When you want to love everyone, how can you love

    The painted ladies all say

    Those film stars and beauties will please you tonight

    If you go to bed with a book

    But they cant hold a candle to something that trembles

    If you need to do more than look

    They come from rich fathers and twinkle their eyes

    And youre begging them please not to go

    When youre starved for some loving, they can make you feel special

    The painted ladies I know

    If youre seeking fortune, if youre seeking fame

    And youre looking yourself in the eye

    And God help the children, playing their game

    The end of the game is goodbye

    They pass through your vision like thoughts in a dream

    Your good times are slipping away

    Its time to move on or go down with the ship

    The painted ladies all say

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