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    ``oh hark! the dogs are barking, I can no longer stay

    The men have all gone mustering, I heard the publican say

    And I must be off in the morning, love, before the sun does shine

    To meet the contract shearers on the banks of the condamine.

    ``oh willie, dearest willie, dont leave me here to mourn

    Dont make me curse and rue the day that ever I was born

    For parting with you willie is like parting with me life

    So stay and be a selector, love, and I will be your wife.

    ``oh nancy, dearest nancy, you know that I must go

    Old hallerand is expecting me, his shearing for to do

    But while Im on the bogs, me love, Ill think of you with pride

    And our shears they will go freely when Im on the whippin side.

    ``oh Ill cut off my yellow hair and go along with you

    Ill dress myself in mens attire and be a shearer too

    Ill cook and count your tally, love while, ringer, you will shine?

    And Ill wash your greasy moleskins on the banks of the condamine.

    ``oh nancy, dearest nancy, you know that cant be so

    The boss has given order, love, no woman shall do so

    And your delicate constitutions not equal unto mine

    To eat the ramstack mutton on the banks of the condamine.

    But when the shearings over, love, Ill make you me wife

    Ill take up a selection and Ill settle down for life

    And when the days works over, love, and the evenings clear and fine

    Ill tell of them sandy cobblers on the banks of the condamine.

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