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    It's true I often thought of leaving
    But it's you
    I never stopped believing
    When I was down
    Your arms were open to me
    When the cost of loving was free
    You were much to sure to re-arrange
    My love for you hasn't changed
    But you have.
    I'm leaving
    I'm leaving
    The ones you tried to keep inside
    Are on the streets
    You tried to hide
    With walls you built
    So strong and tall
    No one thought
    That they could fall
    But the lies you put
    Between the cracks
    To hold us down
    And keep us back
    Have fallen through.
    You asked
    Will I
    Come back to you
    I just can't see that
    Coming true
    Like sea-birds
    On a high spring tide
    Whose paths can't run
    Side by side
    I couldn't take it
    And like a sea-bird
    On a winter's shore
    I'm leaving.

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