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    There was a gypsy came over the land,

    He sang so sweet and gaily.

    He sang beneath the wild wood tree

    And charmed the great lords lady.

    The lord he did come home

    Enquiring for his lady

    ``shes gone, shes gone, said the serving man,

    ``shes gone with the gypsy davey.

    ``go saddle me my black mare,

    The grey is neer so speedy.

    And Ill ride all night and Ill ride all day

    Till I overtake my lady.

    He rode all by the riverside

    On the grass so wet and dewy.

    And seated with her gipsy lad

    Its there he spied his lady.

    ``would you forsake your house and home,

    Would you forsake your baby?

    Would you forsake your own true love

    And the promises you gave me?

    ``what care I for my house and home

    Or even my wee baby?

    What care I for my own true love

    For I love the gypsy davey.

    ``well its fare thee well my dearest dear,

    Its fare thee well forever.

    And if you dont return with me

    I swear youll see me never.

    And the lord he did go homeward

    And kissed his own wee baby.

    And ere six months had passed away

    Hed married another lady.

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