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    Rain comes from the east one night
    We watch it come
    To hang like beaded curtains till the morning sun
    Water dripping from our clothes
    You, with raindrops on your nose,
    Ask me sadly, "please don't go away, no"
    "till the rain is done," I say, "i'll stay now"

    Rain outside but inside we don't mind at all
    Shadows by the fire
    Slowly climb and fall
    Kisses fade and leave no trace
    Whispers vanish into space
    None will send me on a chase to nowhere
    What matters if I were the first to go there?

    Morning comes up from the east
    We watch it come
    And far away now rolls the angry rain god's drum
    You, with daybreak in your eyes
    Afraid to speak for telling lies
    I watch you search for some reply to lend me
    But when the rain is done we'll stop pretending

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