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    I was born in east virginia,
    North carolina I did go.
    There I met the fairest maiden
    But her name I do not know.

    Her hair it was a brightsome color
    And her cheeks were rosy red.
    On her breast she wore white lilies,
    All the tears that I have shed.

    In my heart you are my darling,
    At my door you're welcome in.
    At my gate I'll always meet you
    If your love I could only win.

    In the night I'm dreaming of you,
    In the day I find no rest.
    Just the thought of you, my darling,
    Sends aching pains all through my breast.

    I'd rather be in some dark holler
    Where the sun refused to shine
    Than to see you with another one, darling,
    To know you never will be mine.

    Oh, when I'm dead and in my coffin
    With my face towards the sun,
    Come and look upon me, darling
    See the deed that you have done.

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