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    In bruton town there lived a noble man

    He had two sons and a daughter fair

    By night and day they were contriving

    For to fill their sister's heart with care

    One night one night of restless slumber

    One brother rose up from his bed

    He heard the servant court their sister

    Oh he heard they had a mind to wed

    Oh when he rose the very next morning

    Went searching for the serving man

    And when he found him this young man he murdered

    Oh left him lying in the briars around

    Oh she went to bed a-crying and lamenting

    And thinking of her own true love

    And as she slept she dreamt that she saw him

    A-lying in the countryside all covered with gore and blood

    Oh brothers, brothers why do you whisper

    And what's become of this serving man?

    Oh we lost him where we were a-hunting gone

    We lost him where he won't ever be found

    Oh she early rose the very next morning

    And searched the countryside around

    And there she saw her own dear jewel

    A-lying in the briars where he'd been found

    Three days and nights here did lie by him

    She thought her heart it would break with woe

    When a cruel hunger came upon her

    And in despair to her home she did go

    Oh sister, sister why do you whisper

    And won't you tell us where you've been

    Stand off, stand off you bloody butchers

    My love and I you have both slain

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