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    Red and gold, and halloween have passed us by,
    The charcoal branches lean against the rosy sky,
    You are so far away, yet I could touch you if I may,
    But don't you worry now, I'm only dreaming anyway.

    You may be lonely, you may be just on your own.
    You could be anywhere, someplace that I have known.
    But who am I and do we really live these days at all?
    And are they simply feelings we have loved and do recall?

    Oh the sea has made me cry,
    But I love her, too, so maybe I love you.

    For tears are only made of salt and water,
    And across the waves the sound of laughter.
    October it has gone and left me with a song
    That I will sing to you although the moment may be wrong.

    Could it be the sea's as real as you and i?
    I often wonder why I always have to say
    I'm only dreaming anyway.

    (repeat last verse)

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