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    All right, come on, y'all
    Oooo, uh
    Yeah, talk to me (yeah)

    What a man, what a man, what a man
    What a mighty good man
    What a man, what a man, what a man
    What a mighty good man
    What a man, what a man, what a man
    What a mighty good man
    What a man, what a man, what a man
    What a mighty good man

    Yeah, well that's true so i'm-a have to, like, speak on it
    And let my brother herb drop some well-deserved beats on it
    Then i float like a boat on a lazy river
    Hey, yo, this one goes out to my nigger
    My man, my number one fan, my baby
    I know we can make it, and i don't mean maybe
    I know you wish that you could be in my shoes
    Believe me when i tell ya that i had to pay my dues
    To get to this position, did i forget to mention
    The pain?  the hurt?  the lies?the aggrevation
    I went through before i hit the jackpot?
    I dated assholes, perverts, and wannabe hard rocks
    It wasn't always in a bed of roses i slept in
    But in a bed of nails when i felt i got wrecked in
    So here's to ya, may we live long and prosper
    I love ya more than italians do pasta
    More than a dred loves a head full of locks
    More than i love hip-hop (mmmm, not!)


    My man is smooth like barry, and his voice got bass
    A body like arnold with a denzel face
    He's smart like a doctor with a real good rep
    And when he comes home he's relaxed with pep
    He always got a gift for me everytime i see him
    A lot of snot-nosed ex-flames couldn't be him
    He never ran a corny line once to me yet
    So i give him stuff that he'll never forget
    He keeps me on cloud nine just like the temps
    He's not a fake wannabe tryin' to be a pimp
    He dresses like a dapper don, but even in jeans
    He's a god-sent original, the man of my dreams


    Check me out
    Big twan lov-her, six-two and a half
    The one that makes you laugh and spends some lovely cash
    I got the honeys screamin' "what a man!"
    Cuz i'm splittin' your oreo, eatin' the cream, it's the punanee man
    Well, like i really ain't got nothin' to say
    But let me break it down to you anyway
    You heard i'm shy so stop it, you're makin' me blush even, baby
    A nigger knows how to love his lady


    I got a fly man, he's a ragamuff roughneck
    Bigger, bigger, my man gets respect
    He's a goddamn man in every sense of the word
    Act like ya know and forget what ya heard
    Brings a fat check to me home each week
    A brother from the hood but suckas go to sleep
    And intelligent, too, and his mind's profound
    Sometimes he gets rude, but he will break it down
    Down to the bone, that's how we like to do it
    Nice and slow and he won't run right through it
    My daddy-o just how i like it
    Smack it up, lick it, but baby don't bite it
    I loves my man, uh-huh, word is bond
    He keeps it on until the break of dawn


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