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    I'm gettin' dressed for the jam about to jump in my Mercedes
    Slippin' on my dancin' shoes 'cause I'm a lady of the eighties
    It's Friday night  I just got paid  my house is pumpin'
    Or listenin' to my Hammer tape  while my sound system is dumpin'
    Picked up my girl Salty  she was waitin' on the porch
    I shared my fly  fly Mercedes  yo  lit the highway like a torch
    On the way to pick up Spindy we raced with a 1 9 D
    He was a sucker duck if he thought he could buck with us in E
    The party started

    Let's get this party started
    Let's get this party started right

    Rolled up at the party, saw a fella black and fine
    Bow-legged, high-top fade, then I said, "Yo, that one's mine"
    Stepped out of the ride, told the bouncer, "Hold my Benzy"
    Heard the bass, it was the place so I slipped my man a penny
    When we walked in the jam fans met us at the door
    They yelled, "We love you Salt and Pepa!" "Yes, we love y'all even more!"
    Some foul, wack, nappy bitty tried to step to Spinderella
    I was cool, I made my move, then I droppped her like a fella
    Start the party, boy


    Now this is what you call a hip-hop beat from S and P
    So get out on the dancefloor, and don't even rough with me
    I ain't goin' for it, I ain't buyin' it so don't even try me
    Dance sucker, Mother Tucker can, that old lady gets busy
    Yeah, I don't give a damn, Salty is who I am
    And man, I'm gonna slam this jam, you understand?
    Yes, we will stay the queens no matter what the means
    The party started, let's get retarded, now work them bluejeans
    Rock the party, y'all


    [Yo, Salt, you wanna continue the story?]
    Yes, I told the people move, he made a move
    To the stage and grabbed the mic
    From these stank, sorry, frauds - Run D.M.C. look-alikes
    Spinderella took the set, made her fingers nice and wet
    And you bet she made that DJ sweat, and he won't soon forget
    Pepa took on the speaker, bust an oh, so funky rhyme
    I did a step right on time and made the crowd lose their minds
    The whole place was on the floor, we was rockin' hardcore-core
    We left them wantin' more, and we headed out the door
    We rocked the party


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