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    When the needle's picked up  the volume's kicked up
    She's gonna fix up anything that's mixed up
    When the record gets cut the crowd is lift up
    You might think it is but...

    Spinderella's not a fella   what you say?
    Spinderella's not a fella   that's ok
    Spinderella's not a fella   watch her play
    Spinderella's not a fella   but a girl DJ

    ? spins you won't get
    And flip the vocal style, rip the instrumental
    Nice on a slice, swift on a mix
    Those who dis will then be dismissed
    Like a fever she'll heat up, burn, and feed her
    If you can't put up then shut the hell up
    All you mixmasters and cutmasters
    True grandmasters even jammasters
    Listen to what I'm sayin' on the mic
    She's hard as a man, too sexy for a dyke
    So let your ears hear what your mind can't conceive
    Got a cut for your butt on the mix y'all she's no joke
    With the microphone you're toast
    Get ya hyped and excite, mysterious as a ghost
    Check the style plus the swiftness
    Don't take my word for it, you be the witness
    No one lies when the truth is starin' them in the mug
    The needle won't stick, it's the record they hug
    No alibis 'cause the proof is in the puddin'
    Mistakes on hip-hop breaks? She's just wouldn't
    Make believe what she can do indeed
    You're dealing with the Queen of Speed
    Cuttin' the beats with ease, makin' the record bleed
    Now then, you know what I mean...


    She's the Inch Lord on the mixboard
    Put your tape on pause and press record
    Never does the same cut twice in one night
    She'll go solo toe-to-toe like a vice
    Grip the turntable and flip the record over
    Heat up the party like a supernova
    Because she's a girl don't mean jack
    If Jill tried to get ill, she'd get slapped
    Wanna know her name and why she came?
    Not to cause trouble but to entertain
    I'm-a tell ya don't mistake her for a fella
    The mix empress...Spinderella!

    Yeah, that's her title
    The God of Speed is her DJ idol
    Cuttin' like a maniac, clever as a brainiac
    Only when the scene's packed will she react to
    Anyone who dares to compare
    The comp will be too much too bear
    But this chick is big on tricks
    With her wrist she'll flip within a spilt
    Second, she's flexin' and checkin'
    The level of the power meter will not be less than
    Ten degrees, her sound won't distort
    Mixin' ain't a job to her it's a sport
    When the turntable speaks, take my advice
    My homegirl is nicer than nice
    She's a captive, a slave to the rhythm
    If the crowd wants action then she'll give 'em
    More than they can handle, this ain't a scandal
    If the mix is mangled she'll untangle
    It with a scratch on it, ain't that a blip?
    The way she can switch from groove to groove
    With no room to improve [yeah, I'm telling you]


    Cuts are made to be played not saved
    Spin won't behave if she ain't paid
    To get down, no let down
    Put your bets down and just check how
    She moves with the grace of a cat
    The impact of wax hits hard as a bat
    Automated just like automation
    Imitation causes irritation
    You owe it to yourself to see her
    Go backstage and meet her
    Get her autograph, take a photograph
    I know that's too much to ask
    Word, but don't give up hope
    Spinderella's not a fella, Spinderella's dope


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