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    R U ready?
    Pum, pump, let me see you jump
    Shake your rump, push it real good
    Break it down with the funk
    One love, like the LB say, right, right
    Music Makes Us High, but you've been given shade
    'Cause I stay paid, sippin' lemonade
    Don't be mad 'cause I got it made
    Diva-hatin' waitin' snake in the grass
    Look me up and down when I pass
    Vibin' with your girlfriends
    Jealous of my dividends and my Benz, and my ends
    Like no other butter,
    Smooth like cream, I keep in milky
    When I move on the scene
    Got you fiending, on lock down, can't you tell?
    Never fell, black queens doing it well
    We be the crew that you wanna step to
    Sisters with an attitude, now how my mic sounds?

    [1] - My mic sound nice
    Check one, check 2, everybody make way
    Party people coming through
    Throw your hands up, put 'em up
    Bounce, hold steady, are you ready?

    [repeat 1]

    We make you burn with the hot track
    Spin and scratch the hot wax
    So I could grab the microphone and climax
    Bars stay lean and cream keep stacking
    Dr. Suess cracking the beats with no slacking
    So move with the groove, makes your knees weaker
    Salt-N-Pepa coming through your speaker
    Hot blazing, so amazing, 150 proof raisin' the roof
    Who got the juice now?
    Yeah, poppa, I'm gonna break you off something proper
    Show stopper like Frankie Crocker
    Female phenomenon, when you get off, then put me on
    Miss Jiggy, hell yeah, huh, the bom digi
    Microphone check one, 2, brand new coming through
    You know how we do, stay on point like a needle
    Who are you to judge like Ito?
    Recognize Salt-N-Pep's stello
    [repeat 1, 1]

    I'm about to make the whole world bounce
    Make it freaky 'til you're drippin'
    Salt-N-Peppa got me in the VI sippin'
    On the dance floor, nonstop how we movin' in
    Game so tight, lubrication couldn't loosen it
    B.L.A.Q the bomb
    Y'all know Chi-Ca, Chi-Co who matching my flow
    Shake what your momma created until it hurt ya
    Daddy came to freak it down
    And work ya, what time is it?
    P to the B to the P to the A
    Lay my game down precise like every day
    Display many styles for years I've been here

    Iced out sex appeal I put your lights out
    Pull your mics out, we rock the party
    Freak your body, no need for a shottie
    I'm gonna make you sweat all night, hold tight
    All heads turn when I snatch the mic
    Send the party into orbit
    Coppin' drop tops 'cause I can afford it
    Ain't nothing, party over here
    What you doing on the other side?
    We came here to get live, take a ride
    With the S and the P, hey, pep mc
    Shine every time just like the Lex be
    You wanna test me, don't floss

    We got the flow tha'll break you off
    Decent, leave you locked like the precinct
    How we get down worldwide
    Everybody know about the sound
    Let it pound in your system one time
    All up in your mind how we shine? Genuine
    [rpt 1, 1, 1, 1]

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