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    Salt and Pepa's back  and we came to out rap you
    So get out my face before I smack you
    Ho  don't you know? Can't you understand?
    If you mess with me I'll take you man

    Well I'll take your man right out the box
    And put him under my padlocks
    So when you see us together chillin' in the place
    Cold walkin' and sportin' him in your face
    Go ahead roll your eyes  suck your teeth
    Keep huffin' and puffin' like a dog in heat
    You can call me a crook, a robber, a thief
    But I'll be your butcher if you got beef
    You know what's up - I ain't no poo-putt
    'cause Pepa kick butts off dumb, young bucks like you
    And the rest of your crew
    If moms want static I'll dis her, too
    So scram you know who I am
    Damn, chick, don't play me, punk 'cause I'll take your man

    I'll take your man whenever I feel like it
    This ain't a threat or a bet, it's a damn promise
    From me to you, your sex life's through
    If you get another lover, I'll take him, too
    All I have to do is say a rhyme or two
    And he'll hop and leave you like a kangaroo
    I'll make him heel for me even steal for me
    His mother and father he'd kill for me
    That's what you get for trying to play smart
    Now take a hike with that slayed-up heart
    Girl, you don't know if you're comin' or goin'
    Look at your face - your jealousy's growin' and showin'
    Don't get mad - you don't have the right
    I throw below solo but ladylike on the mic
    Psyche is where I win my battles
    I'll handle you like a baby with a rattle
    Don't make me prove to you that I can
    Either give him up or get slammed - I'll take your man

    I'll take your man, that's right but just for spite
    Because you tried to dis me when I was on the mic
    But I really don't want him, the guy ain't fly, shoot
    He can't afford to buy a Fila suit
    Runs the same old gear, never has fresh wear
    What he whispered in my ear I can't repeat here
    I don't wanna seem to be so damn mean
    But you're the hippiest critter I ever seen
    Before I got on the stage you wished me good luck
    Turned around and told your friends I suck
    Well look at you now - you ain't got nobody
    Searching for love in a fifth of Bicardi
    You look bad, girl, you look like you're dying
    Ain't no use in crying - I'll take your man

    Yo, Cher, school this fool!
    I'll take your man, your fiancee, your husband
    You ain't Alice, this ain't Wonderland
    And when I say I will you know I can
    Don't mess with me 'cause I'll take your man

    I'll take your man anytime, at the drop of a dime
    'cause he's rappin' and strappin' so hard on mine
    Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look
    The brother's eyein' me down, he's staring down my throat
    But he's a ducker sucker, soft-hearted punk
    Goin' skiing for skeezers, stunts for blunt
    So that's why y'all have so many things in common
    Him for just robbin', you for lap slobbin'
    I never ever went out my way to get played
    Keeping guys like yours held down at bay
    You know I can, I got the upper-hand
    Tramp, you don't stand a chance 'cause I'll take your man

    Most girls have guys that's good to go
    But yours is slow - he's a freakin' a-hole
    The fact still stands, there's no change in plans
    "Yo, Pepa, your wish is my command!"
    Now you know, you know I'll take

    Check him out, you see what I mean?
    He's leading the pack as the fellas scream
    "Go, Sandy! Get busy! Go, Sandy! Get busy!"
    It's so easy to make 'em fall for me, Heather
    No man can resist Salt and Pepa
    Because we're perfect from head to toe
    It's not speculation - your man says so
    Revenge is sweet but payback's a trip
    Girlfriend, you won't know which is which
    But I'll tell you this: Don't try to answer this jam
    Because if you do then I'll take your...
    And I'll take your...
    And we'll take your man

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