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    Let's kick it like this  ah yeah
    We gotta kick it like this  ah yeah
    We need to kick it like this  ah yeah
    We gonna kick it like this  ah yeah

    [And let me tell ya  girl  I'm a party animal  see?
    Word  and I need a man that can hang with this thing
    You know what I'm sayin'?
    Oooo  child  I know what you're sayin'

    Hey ladies! I said homegirls!
    We've been goin' for the dog doo
    It's gettin' to be a real drag around here, you know what I'm sayin'?
    A woman can't do nothin' no more, man
    We've got to let the fellas know what they can do for us]

    As the smoke clears you can hear
    And the ringing in your ears just disappears
    Your body's soft, but you still want more
    You might end up as a casualty on the dance floor
    I'm an addict, strung out on dopeness
    But you can't chew, sniff, or smoke this
    If you wanna get high step by the speaker
    And overdose on somethin' sweeter
    Do you suffer from migranes or other pains
    That's caused by stress and strain? Brother, refrain
    You came to the right place to get your head straight
    The cure's for sure, the beat's the bait
    I won't wait for the crowd to get loud or rowdy
    I enjoy my life 'cause I like to party

    I like to party, night and day
    I like to party in every way
    I like to party, I can't stop
    I like to party till I drop

    We're steppin' on the case, watch your face
    Don't like the pace then leave the place
    It's Ladies Night, yeah, and we hype
    Heels, shirt, tights, and a mic
    Like three the hard way we're doin' it our way
    Rollin' and gettin' funky like Kid 'N Play
    See her over there behind the phonograph
    She's a psychopath, I make the breaks last
    A Salt and Pepa parade this is
    So march on the dance floor with his
    Arms wrapped real tight around your body
    And you'll understand why


    [Make it funky, Pep]

    Oh, I feel hot then again why not
    This ain't pop, it's hip-hop
    And got a lot to rock to, dip and dop to
    You don't have to, but you probably want to
    It makes you laugh because it's really fun to
    Twist your tongue and exercise your lungs to
    Tonight on the mic we're showing
    We're strong enough for a man, but made for a woman
    Hey you! Where do you think you're goin'?
    Yo, Stan, my man, keep the horns blowin'
    Havin' a good time ain't no crime
    When the joint is jumpin' and people are dancin'
    Everyone does it, now it's no sin
    Yo, I just did it, and I'm ready to do it again and again and again


    [Wait a minute...
    Now I think it's time we give the drummer
    Some of this funky groove we got here
    You ain't got to throw no solo in, brother
    Just keep what ya got
    Yo, turn it loose 'cause it's a mutha

    Now when I count to four I want y'all to chill
    And let the drummer get ill
    And when I count to four I want y'all to come back in once more]

    It's in my feet, feels so sweet
    Said it's in my feet, feels so sweet
    It's in my shake, oooo, but it work me to death
    Said it's in my shake, but it work me to death
    I want the floor, I wanna rock the floor
    C'mon, y'all - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - hit it!

    (drum solo)

    [Ain't it good to ya?
    Uh, ain't it good to ya?]

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