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    We're on a mission
    Dissin' all of the opposition
    MCs  it's my butt you're kissin'
    Because I desire

    Yo  wait a minute  chill  I want ya all to hear
    Why rap is not a joke  for us it's a career
    Others try to imitate but none has come near
    So you see why everybody stands up and cheer
    And if you really think about it you know what it means
    To be a female rapper from the heart of Queens
    You see, others dream about being supreme
    But once on the scene they start killing kings
    People claim we're too wild to tame
    On stage we behave like sizzlin' flame
    And oh, so cool when we rap you need a sweater
    The rhymes so tough you swear they're made of leather
    Get the best of your bunch, and I bet that we're better
    Tell 'em why, Pepa, tell 'em why - 'cause I desire

    DJs come and go just like the wind
    But mine is better than all of them
    She's sharper than a razor when it comes to a cut
    More lethal than a laser if you wanna play rough
    Not the object of a joke, subject to cut dope
    ????? tell you Spinderella's dope
    Call her Spin for short but she don't take dare
    Wanna duel? You're a fool ????
    Choppin' beats for these until the turntables bleed
    Scratches so damn hard you'd swear the mixer had fleas
    She's the mutilator, music carnivore
    Spinderella rocks the records with a chainsaw
    You're still amazed by the way she plays
    Not a fad but a phase of the hip-hop craze which I desire

    Salt from the Pepa and my name is Cher
    From Queens, New York not Delaware
    I like my steak well-done 'cause I hate it rare
    And I'm lovable and huggable like Yogi the Bear
    Pepa from the Salt so do not rip
    'cause if you do I'll shift from first to fifth
    Lights out, it's heard, I thought you were dead
    Short, fading went I went upside your head
    So get back to the beat 'cause the beat is bad
    The beat pro and the bass gets much impact
    The beats rock and just because the beat kicks bass
    We're gonna bounce this beat all over the place 'cause I desire

    Quiet on the set, let the cameras roll
    Salt and Pepa are the stars, the world's the video
    Your room is boomin' when we're on your stereo
    So hold on tight, don't dare let go
    We're the teachers, you're the students - class is in session
    Pay attention boys and girls, and learn your lesson
    We're running things, yes, we're taking over
    You be the grass, we'll be the lawnmower
    Never fakin' or always takin', not givin' no slack
    Not trying, succeeding 'cause it's like that
    Hot damn, how could you be so doggone dumb?
    Trying to dis Salt and Pepa when we're number one?
    But we excuse you 'cause you're dippy, your mind's in a daze
    Like Daffy Duck you're confused in so many ways
    Giving nothing, taking all whether big or small
    We got a ???? beat and it's dope, def y'all
    Every day of the week you're at my beck and call
    You wanna try me out? You don't have the gall 'cause I desire

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