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    I'd like you to meet my mic  last name is phone
    This is my house make yourself at home
    Now see those chairs? Please just ignore them
    Believe me  they'll be no need for them
    I got a rhyme  and I'd like to exploit it
    You came in here so you cannot avoid it
    This beat is hard  it's as hard as a diamond
    And it keeps kickin' as long as we're rhymin' to it
    And it's addictive like smoking
    Word to the parents, see, I'm not jokin'
    You'd be a fiend only this life is harmless
    Couldn't kick the habit if you tried your darndest
    So don't fight it, don't fear it
    Just take your hands, applause and cheer it
    I gave you more than you ever expected
    And when I did then you gave me respect
    With your support we're reachin' new heights
    Salt and Pepa's insanely hyped on the mic

    My supporters are massive, my sound is passive
    If I was you, I'd take time to ask if
    Others you've heard really deserve to be ranked as the best
    Great or supurb, to be or not to be, that's a good question
    How good they used to be, well I give less than a damn
    'cause the present day counts if you can't rock a tone
    I suggest you dismount
    I said please, but it's not like I'm pleadin'
    So don't get supe, peasant, stop speedin'
    'cause I'm about to rain, and when I rain I don't drizzle
    It's gettin' hot in here, we're gonna sizzle
    See, I understand that you had the dishes
    But if it's too hot, get out of the kitchen
    'cause frauds and fakes are the ones I don't like
    And they are the ones that get me hyped on the mic

    I'm gonna play you for keeps, got a system in my cheeks
    Outside on the streets people heard all of the beats
    That I rapped or maxed on so throw the wax on
    Pepa is that strong, make a hit rap song
    First class status, I'm a blessed event
    God rocked the full-size for my silhoutte
    Yes, solo this woman, rhymes so informin'
    Would only be inevitable until mornin'
    Don't try to leave 'cause I will protest
    Oh yes, I have an uzi I've been dyin' to test
    Livin' larger than life but to be precise
    I'm Pepa, much deffer when I'm crazy hyped on the mic

    We're gonna break it down to you how it should be broke
    Rhymes written not bitten and how it should be wrote
    People jammin' not standin' and what you hope
    A show funky not junky, the rhymes are dope
    ??? he'd be madly hyped
    Spinderella had to tell him, "Boy, you ain't my type"
    Get away from my DJ, I tell you before she gets pissed
    She's got a left with a cut, and it'll go like this

    Started wheelin' doin' wheelies, thought you were a big wheel
    Started dealin' like a dealer, but you just couldn't deal
    As you flip like a freak the whole world just flopped
    Couldn't rock like a rocker so you just got rocked
    I'm the defest gettin' deffer and ought to be kept
    Take a breath between rhymes we're the best, tell 'em Pep
    Or let's kick it like a kicker, the rhymes I kick
    Like a sticker gets stuck to your butt I'll stick
    When the hype is gettin' hyper, when the hip-hop's hype
    Salt and Pepa, that's right, you know we're hyped on the mic

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