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    Aw  yeah]

    (Gamin' on ya) Mmmm  he's gamin' on ya  girl
    So look out now
    (Gamin' on ya) Oooo whee  here he comes  here he comes

    Once upon a time called now is where it all begins  you see
    As the plot thickens and your heartbeat quickens
    My sister  my sister  look out  here comes the big big gabber
    And he's badder than the Mad Hatter
    Sellin' dreams  climbin' Jacob's ladder
    Your life he'll shatter 'cause it don't matter to him
    He's out to get some (?trimmed?), can't let him in or you'll get done in
    So stop, don't let him run up on ya 'cause all he wants to do is bone ya

    He's gamin' on ya, oh yeah, he's gamin' on ya girl
    Yeah yeah yeah (gamin' on ya), can't ya see? Can't ya see?
    He's gamin' on ya, and he's playin' games
    He's gamin' on ya, oh, when ya know
    Ow, ow, gamin' on ya

    Well first you get dissed and treated like a slut
    Treats ya like shit when he won't see the butt
    Your boots are juicin' - oooo, guess what?
    He's gamin' on ya (Word up, so...)
    How in the hell do you let yourself go and get played again?
    You know he wants the skins or calling you honey when he needs something
    (Word) It ain't funny (nope), me, I don't trust nothing, see

    He's gamin' on ya (yeah yeah)
    He's gamin' on ya (yeah yeah)
    Gamin' on ya (yeah yeah)
    Gamin' on ya

    Young and dumb and tryin' to get over
    Swift with the tongue and bubbly like soda
    So play like you don't know
    And you won't go out like underarm odor
    You need to get a grip and think about the shit you're doin'
    Or it won't be too long before your reputation's ruined
    Look at you now - you're being taken and don't have a clue
    There's a sucker born every minute, right? True
    So check out how it's goin' down
    Slippin' and dippin' you all around

    He's gamin' on ya
    He's gamin' on ya
    Gamin' on ya (Can't you see?)
    Gamin' on ya

    He's gamin' on ya (So how ya know?)
    Gamin' on ya
    Gamin' on ya
    Gamin' on ya (Baby baby baby, please)

    Don't let him tell ya off or sell ya off
    You're better off without him
    Don't give a damn about him
    Ain't nothin' dope about him

    He's gamin' on ya (yeah yeah)
    Gamin' on ya (yeah yeah)
    He's gamin' on ya (yeah yeah)
    Gamin' on ya (yeah yeah)

    (Ad lib)

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