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    Well I ain't sweet sweet oochie coochie moody
    Brown skinned cutie with a big bootie
    And two big tootie toots up front  check it
    Your butt naked premonitions have been dissed
    Mr. Me Being A Ho has just drifted into the abyss
    So we won't twist up like pretzels
    And set your sights on a bona fide ho requisites
    If any of these sentences have you confused
    I'll make it simple just for you  check it

    No, you can't get my number
    No, I'm not going home with you after the jam
    Check it out - emphatically no

    [Next verse, time to make your head burst]

    Baby, I just met you
    How could you expect me to respect you
    And lay next to you in the bedroom?
    And let you boom-boom pow-pow with my face down
    Just because you think I'm cute?
    I got suped boots and all of your pursuits
    Have led to the bed so we can go dilla
    So we can go loup-de-lay
    I'm not your baby, I don't wanh-wanh
    You pitiful excuse for a house-trained pet
    You're just stress and aggravation
    Just because you said come over
    Don't mean I wanna smell your stinkin' breath


    Listen, mister, you may possess to be in
    Yes, we could be friends or perhaps we could go out on a date
    'cause you get no wins for Salt-N-Pepa
    We're more than just a pair of flavored skin (??)
    ??? grand finale
    We're on our way to Cali first-class
    So miss, I truely wish you would dash
    And stop rubbin' up on my buttcheeks


    Hell no, now bust it
    Yes, I'd like a drink, but I don't think
    That you can get me drunk enough to lay with your skunk
    On your patch armpits, make me wanna hot spit
    Hot spa-doohy, groovy guy you're not
    Glances at my chest
    Freshie, you're lusting for my flesh
    Slow like a mole that can't find his hole
    Float cousin, the hornets keep buzzin' as I say...


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