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    'cause I need a man
    S'alright, yeah, oh

    Deidra "Spinderella" Roper:

    Hold up, wait, let me get this straight
    You want your cake and eat it
    Brother, you can beat it, uh
    Unless you're willing to drown me in passion
    Romance the cat, better make it last (Forever)
    Ain't lookin' for no quickies
    Brothers be like Tricky
    Tryin' to get me, hit me, and run, but me I'm picky
    I like it sentimental
    Stimulate the mentals, I
    I like a gentle man, with a gentle hand
    I want the baby carriage
    And the marriage and the whole thing
    Diamond ring, treat you like a king
    I'll be your queen bee
    Better keep it real with me
    Or the be the ex-man, I'm with the next man


    If you're lookin' for do you right
    Hold me tight lover
    I'll do anything you want me to do
    I need you to do me right
    Hold me tight, brother
    Baby, all I've got is all for you

    Sandra "Pepa" Denton:

    You call yourself the best
    When you put hickeys on my chest
    Nevertheless, I'm not impressed, I want the rest
    I'm talkin' 'bout the quan baby, the vagabond
    I got it goin' on, that's right, that's how I see it
    So what you got the cheese
    Brother, I'm not pleased
    Want the striptease (Take it to another level, uh)
    You'll be a homely lover, friend, sexy pushin' my Benz
    Dividends stacked, you got it
    By the way, don't bother me
    Unless you are attracted to the God in me
    Pardon me to talk to, borish
    Shit is tired, and you'll be fired
    If you can't have one, can't have none son


    Call on me (Call on me)
    When you need me (When you need me)
    I need a man (I'll be your man)
    That can please me (Oh yeah)
    In the middle of the night (In the middle of the night)
    Hold me tight (Hold you tight)
    I'll do it right, if ya, bring me right

    Cheryl "Salt" James:

    You put me onto the next level
    Fool don't be trippin'
    Your whip-appeal hit me in my heart, skippin'
    Your ways got me singing your praise with the next phase
    I count the days, you're so amazin', I'm cravin' your skills
    My temperature's blazin', show me how it feels, uh-huh
    I'm savin', my secret sauce for the course (That's right)
    You gotta hit me off with that God kinda love
    That work it out through the hard times kinda love
    You know how I broke it
    In the Lexus, the Benz coupe
    Yesterday, I should never leave you or deceive you
    Uh-huh, I wanna please you

    Chorus (4x)

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