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    [This is for you: Fresh SNP]

    Get down with the party (Wanna hang)
    I'm the Big Kahuna  I got the whole shebang
    I got the champagne and the ha ha (ahhh)
    You know who we are

    I'm the Big Kahuna  maneuvres I make 'em
    Tight security  everywhere I go I take 'em
    Party over here  (rah rah) me and my peeps
    Hittin' the streets groovin' to roughneck beats
    I keeps the flow  I'm the dawnbreaker
    I'm reachin' all night, as hot as daylight in Jamaica
    A ruckus - you want it? Get with the Showstopper
    I'll dig ya like the mud number one chief rocker
    But knock a blast for your ass like boom!
    Damn, Salt-N-Pepa stepped in the room
    With the La-Di-Da-Di, we like to party
    We don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody


    Yeah, back up little one (whoo-ha!) 'cause you know
    When it come to scandalous I'm numero uno
    Shakin', the record breakin', the title taken
    Hot, cool and vicious, delicious, Jamaican
    Big Willie, illy-silly rabbit
    You need the ha-ha, you gotta have it, a habit
    I'll be the goodtime dealer
    The happy-go-lucky lucker, keepin' it real-a
    Got the whole shebang, champagne is bubbly
    Moneymakers lookin' and I like 'em black and ugly
    Trust me, we be the life of the jam
    Front like you don't know, you know who we am


    Ladies? Where you at? Where you at?
    Put 'em up - reach! Put 'em up - reach!
    And where's all my fellas at? Where you at? Where you at?
    Put 'em up - reach! Put 'em up - reach!
    Now where's all the money at? Where you at? Where you at?
    Put 'em up - reach! Put 'em up - reach!
    (Yeah) North, South, to the East, to the West where you at?
    Put 'em up - reach! Put 'em up - reach!

    What's up? What's up? What's up? (Hey!) I'm rollin' in the big bucks
    Some people say I'm "lucky", but I don't give a...
    No stress, blessed, I gets down for mine
    You wanna be a Pepa, too? Well it's party time
    No line, V.I.P., I'm the one you wanna see
    I see you, fool, what ya wanna do?
    The Cartier got you fiendin', stop scheming
    Before the red dots starting beaming
    Go, Don Perione flow, got my playgirls, yo
    Big Willie's like (ho) ready to party
    Shake it with the hearty
    Your body look damn good - never did it with a hood


    [ you got the drinks? Imported?
    I'm with that, yeah...
    I'm from Brooklyn...
    From Illtown?...]

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