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    Oooh, baby, I like the sound when

    The switch is on, and you start poundin'

    Out my radio and pretty soon

    Salt and pepa will boom into the room

    Clap your hands now people, clap hard

    Clap your hands now people, clap your hands

    Clap your hands now people, stomp your feet

    Clap your hands now people, clap with me

    Listen hard and tell me what you hear

    Is it noise or is it def beats in your ear?

    You said you want one, and now you got some

    Vicious snare, high hats, and a bass drum

    First the mix empress to impress you

    Cutting right on time and I'll bet you

    Didn't know it (did you? ), you can't believe it (could you? )

    Word to life, I swear, we wouldn't kid you

    And she can cut it up like a wild animal

    Slicing and dicing away as a cannibal does

    'cause only a beauty can make you people clap with me

    Who is the best?

    We are the best!

    Who's one of the best?

    You're one of the best!

    Why am I so def? why don't I have flaws?

    Why do I cut for salt and pepa?  because

    When my turntable talks your body will listen

    To a message ? ? ? tested and kickin'

    Out of my speakers and into your sneakers

    Providing conversation for the woofers and tweeters

    When I play the technics obey

    'cause I'm a fader translator, a mixboard slave

    And i'm-a do like this on 'em...this on 'em

    When I'm on the floor, beat is like romance

    The rhythm makes love to me as I dance

    And from what I see it's about to be

    A relationship between beauty and the beat

    Word up y'all, it's a royal ball

    Turn hip-hop clubs into concert halls

    Inside is live, if I use up highs

    Twelve hundred ? ? ? ?

    Power in high drive, the woofers don't lie

    Opposites attract so the birthrate's high

    Your chest and ribcage the bass is poking at

    (lower the what? ) stop joking...

    We can't do that it possess power

    You ask how-a people get louder

    [uh, step aside, sir....

    Sir, will you please step aside for the....]

    Salt and pepa mc's represent beauty

    We want y'all to see why we're the only

    Nominee nominated representing our race

    This jam is dedicated to all the pretty faces

    And we're gonna rock like you like

    Spinderella on the mix, salt and pepa on the mike

    And we can satisfy your desire

    We can make your body perspire

    Make the men all want to get with it

    Then take 'em down to the ultimate

    Sounds and I say: spinderella's not a fella

    But a girl dj!

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