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    Aliens and governments are working together
    with a secret, devastating plan

    Stop fighting each other and start to behave
    or else, you should get ready to become a slave

    And if you ask the authorities
    their policy is clear: "Deny everything"
    There's no way you can see
    if it is the enemy
    Forget your liberty, 'cause
    They are already here!

    It could be anyone
    Assimilation has begun
    There's no way you can run, 'cause
    They are already here!
    With unknown technology and shape-shifting ability
    they are disguised like the human race

    They're investigating, planning, infiltrating
    preparing the invasion from outer space

    Doctors, scientists, military officers
    Politicians, high positions - they are everywhere

    So all you nation, we've got to unite
    Let's show them we are Earthlings and give them a fight!
    We'll show them what we've got
    and reveal their evil plot
    Let's give it one more shot, 'cause
    They are already here!

    Before it is too late
    We've gotta change our lethal fate
    There's no time to debate, 'cause
    They are already here!

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