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    The human race is dead
    there's not a single head
    Wherever I see
    there's no one but me

    The last nuclear war
    a horror never seen before
    Nobody could understand why
    everybody had to die

    But the planet is still alive
    nature did survive
    A world by my own
    but still all alone
    I'm the last man on earth
    Radiation got me as well
    made me immortal in this hell
    An old dream coming true
    but why now when there is nothing to do

    Since then I've been searching around
    going from town to town
    Could it only have happened to me
    Am I doomed to be...
    I'm the last man on earth
    The robots are now in control
    better be aware of their patrol
    I have everything to fear
    if they find me out here
    I'm the last man on earth

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