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    Standing by the window
    watching a green star
    Thinking about the immediate future
    smoking a final cigar

    The autopilot is running the ship
    I turn off the light
    and go to bed for 27 years
    that will feel like one night

    Close my eyes
    Fall asleep
    Feeling strange
    Into the deep

    All of a sudden, we're under attack
    My daughter is aiming at me
    I wake up, jump into my car
    and watch a little TV

    Hold on a second, what's going on?!
    I don't have any kids or a wife!
    I was on a trip to another planet
    I don't recognize this life

    My first time
    In a cryo-bed
    No side-effects
    So they said
    Dream within a dream
    inside my head
    it's so extreme
    the things I've seen
    How could it be
    but a dream within a dream?

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