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    Stole the keys to my daddy's ride                                  
    And I took my baby for a midnight ride  
    Our hearts where racing as we headed down highway  
    OOh we didn't have no lovers lane        
    But that old backroad worked just the same
    It wasn't long till I knew deep inside
    This must be what their talking about
    When you find the one you can't live without
    Somewhere deep in the night
    I saw the light  of a love that got hold of me
    And left no dout
    This must be what their talking about
    I read about it in a magazine
    I'd even seen on the movie screen      
    Heard'em sing about it in a million songs
    I never really understood till we lit
    That  fire that night in the woods
    That started a love that still burns just as strong

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