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    I live my life
    Dyin' to find someone like you
    But I never dreamed
    I'd come to need
    Someone like I need you
    Now I'm no longer Mr. Independent
    No longer needed noone's help
    I finally depended on someone besides myself

    (C) I could go on livin
    And i'd go on lovin you
    Can't do with one without the other
    Gurl i just decovered
    Few things i can't do
    I could go on breathin
    When your the air i'm needed
    No i counldn't go on livin not lovin you

    Who would have thought
    I'd ever be caught fallin in love
    Now that your here
    Holdin' me near
    I can't fall far enough
    Like the night time depends on the sunset
    Each new day depends on the dawn
    Without you in my life
    Gurl i wouldn't last long

    (repeat C)

    (repeat C)

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