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    Garbage man from door to door
    You serve the rich and skip the poor
    Cause they beg and borrow
    Redemption draweth near you say
    Salvation has a price today

    Works without faith is dead
    Money, Money makes us clean
    The more you give, the more received
    On Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
    Buying faith to heal our scars
    Salvations on a credit card
    You are selling God
    Dead horse

    Jesus paid the price for sin
    And that is how your cashing in
    Sermon on the profits
    Can the streets be made of gold
    When your house is Styrofoam
    Glass will cut through diamonds
    Round and round the basket goes
    Then buy your wife new Barbie clothes
    Both of them are plastic
    Stealing money from the fools
    And build yourself a new swimming pool
    But its full of gasoline
    Dead horse

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