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    Dark Lotus (Lotus)
    I can make it thunder (Dark Lotus make it thunder)

    [Jamie Madrox]
    Don't be lookin' to the sky for birds or planes
    All you find is the Dark Lotus spittin' the Black Rain
    Bodies slammin' each other
    on clouds makin' electrical sparks
    That can be seen for miles in the depths of the dark
    Do you spot the clouds with thunderous roars
    That's when bolts start flying and rain starts to pour
    Where you gonna run from?
    Here we gotta clear view
    of what electrical bolts you know that we gonna spear you

    [Violent J]
    I gotta fifteen pound sledgehammer that I bury in the dome
    Some people in them unlocked tombs
    And fuck a headache
    I pop heads like grapes
    And I keep swingin' at it till a bed breaks
    I make ya boom
    I'm always spendin' bloody money
    and if my momma found how I got it, she wouldn't love me
    It's over quick
    I blow the brain matter out ya ears
    and leave the bloodiest crimescene a muthafuckas seen in years

    [Chorus x4]
    I can make it thunda
    (Shake the ground)

    [Monoxide Child]
    And I can split the ground
    I'm that crazy muthafucka that just walked into town
    WIth a backpack full of C4
    and your backpack's full of wack raps cause
    it's all that ya good for
    Push the button, I dare you go ahead and do it
    Ahh fuck it I'm 'bout to lose it
    I'll show you there's nothing to it
    I blew it up and then I walked away clean
    I wiped the black like a slate at a house on the scene

    [Shaggy 2 Dope]
    Don't make me jump over, put Zeus in a headlock
    Then stamp my foot and make the Earth crack,
    My hatchet blade is sharp as a razor
    and split the spine of many a hater
    When we roll this deal with six petals
    and bang more heads together than heavy metal
    When my hands hit ya now ya gonna feel a grip
    And when I go to Hell I'll pimp the Devil like a BIYa-ITCH!

    [Chorus x4]
    I can make it thunda

    Feel the Earth shake when my feet penetrate the ground
    The Dark Lotus fam is shaking clouds bringin' the thunder down
    Forget about the scope, we're like a psycho killa
    There ain't no method to my madness I only like to murda
    It's cool to see bitches try to run, they won't get far
    They just some movin' targets and we aimin' for the heart
    Pour this rain down like spurts of flash floods
    and dirty people lying in pools of their own blood

    [Anybody Killa]
    Do you see the light flash when you walk in the dark?
    Lotus keeps you on the edge of your seat with a spark
    Everything around is crumblin'
    listen to the sounds of the center of the Earth
    Can you feel that?
    Every place you look, your blinded by a sign
    The thunders coming strong and your about to die
    Hell is droppin' faster
    Rain is burnin' hot
    And the only thing that you can do is sit back and watch

    [Chorus x4]
    I can make it thunda

    (KABOOOOOOM!!!) (Looks Like Rain!)

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