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    Where can I stand in my uniform
    Wait patiently for the death of me
    Cannon fodder-six foot tall
    Big and brave, next to my grave

    Swings and roundabouts on unfairgrounds
    And you and me the perfect foil
    Ground in the ground on the merry-go-rounds

    Blood and toil swim well in oil
    Unfield units to invest
    Patriots do not protest


    A brass monkey on your back
    As beautiful gardenia boulders-or
    The weight of the world on your shoulders
    Dead meat hung on a rock

    And lose the brains inside your head
    Bigger the man, bigger the desk
    Questioning your IQ test
    Are you now so easily led

    (Vamp) weight of the world on your shoulders
    Boulders on your boack-wait patiently
    For the death of me

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