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    Could have been a major problem
    But i did not-I didn't look back
    And all you dirty druggies
    Chicken shit-sad sacks
    Rewriting history
    But still so pale, so shallow
    Tampering in my story
    Standing in my shadow
    Think tank, winner takes all, loser takes blank

    Think tank: burning off steam, I'll let you dream

    Dream on
    Mother nature's kind regards
    Balancing the house of cards
    Assuming and consuming
    Of the peg commodities
    The politics of common sense
    Smiles and metaphors
    Violence as self defense
    The languages of lesser whores
    I might no know much-but I know all this
    Did you think-I would not notice
    Love loves money-and delights in praise

    Easy money as a virtue, watch it quickly fade
    -------------------------------------------------------But I did not-I don't look back
    And it could have been a problem

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