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    When the blood in your drugs turns to shale
    They had you hung, drawn and quartered tooth and nail
    Empty pockets make idle hands
    And mugging as a job requires good plans

    Not good enough to crawl in the dark
    Luck's up-tuff stuff-unlucky you
    Luck's up-tuff stuff-your luck's up-tuff stuff
    And where were you when the pickings were thicker than slime

    A serious problem needs to be on time

    You idiot getting ripped off in the park

    You blew your brains out and put a hole in it's place
    When the drugs you were mixing blew up in your face
    You wear your luck now all over your face
    Still singeing like an old fire place


    So yet again I hear you're gonna clean up your act
    But once a junkie-always and that's a fact
    See you at your funeral, I'll sing your swan song
    You've begged, stole and borrowed time far too long


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