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    Is there a king that can do no wrong
    When I play my fiddle-will I see you dance
    The crown that sings it's very own song
    You crack  the whip-and I'll break the lance

    You make me feel so proud and sure
    You make me feel like an emperor
    So secure from the familiar
    Uncommon sense is the great leveller
    An emperor-we need you
    An emperor-we need you
    Best to flatter the devil-than fight him

    The weak heart hidden-in weaker sin
    An occupation is as good as land

    In you I have a kingdom in the palm of my hand
    Even a speckle of sand

    Can be dangerous in the right hand
    Don't want to be no inflexible flake
    If I'm standing too brittle-I know that I'll break
    And all the doors-I broke inot
    And all the doors-I opened for you
    And lift the hammer-lift the curse
    I've seen too many crack at the seams
    The chance to put heaven back on earth
    I need the wonder of all my wet dreams

    Little fears keep us in chains

    And throw away thoughts, flushed down the drains
    Sweet poetry


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