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    Some unions are based on trust
    Some unions are a must
    Upside down on a turn key-you and me
    Some like it on the other side
    Trussed up like a turkey

    Others like to play both sides
    Big Girls big joys big toys
    I got you covered
    I got you covered

    I'll give you gristle-you blow the whistle
    Waiter service-wait for this miss
    And don't you diss this-this is bliss miss
    Secretly seductive, spontaneous combustive
    Around the world with this Miss
    Disgusting lewd rudeness
    Happiness a penis-I give I give I give...

    You can wear high heals in unusual places
    And different situations can fit into new faces
    All these implications
    Somebody's like to roll in a sleaze
    Never mind me-just do as you please
    The pleasure in the leisure
    All these connotations
    Without the complications

    ---------------------------------------------------I give I give I give...

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