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    A man in my shoes runs a light
    and all the papers lied tonight
    but falling over you
    is the news of the day
    Angels fall like rain
    And love - is all of heaven away

    Inside you the times moves
    and she don't fade
    The ghost in you
    She don't fade
    Inside you the time moves
    and she don't fade

    A race is on
    I'm on your side
    And here in you
    my engines die
    I'm in a mood for you
    Or running away
    Stars come down in you
    and love - you can't give it away


    Don't you go
    it makes no sense
    when all your talk
    and supermen
    just take away the time
    and get in the way
    Ain't it just like rain
    And love - is only heaven away


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