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    It's late and I'm runnin' out of clever things 2 say
    The kind that will bring a girl like U 2 tears
    But there's only one more glass of this rosé
    Let's throw it on the fire with our past
    And dance the night away until...

    The sun, the moon and stars
    Don't seem as far as they did yesterday
    The sun, the moon and stars
    In love we are - 4ever, always

    It's late and I think it's 'bout time 4 U and me 2 get closer
    2 get closer than we ever did before, ooh
    Whenever there's a tide U can let it ride inside your interior
    Lay back, relax upon my shore, ooh hoo
    Ooh, baby, I wanna make love 2 U (Right here)
    One inside the other one - no fear, we're here until...


    Blow out this candle sunlight
    And come lay down next 2 me
    And paint another rainbow, ooh wee
    Eclipse this light with ecstasy

    Do U like I do
    Puck, puck, puck, puck, come on, come on
    It's late and I'm walkin' outta what 2 say
    The kind of lucky rhyme make a chippy want 2 say
    Whisper in the belly 2 me rock and rosé
    Do U like I do come on and dance the night away
    It's late but before they get 2 close the door
    U and me we got 2 get out on the floor
    Come on let the tide ride in and out the shore
    I want 2 love U once again-a, then some more
    Lay your head back I got my hand behind your head (Please, please, please)
    Like U do the limbo 'cept it's on the bouncy bed (Okay, bounce, bounce)
    Bouncing on the summer spring and when U start 2 fall
    U'll come like the cold winter do in Montreal (Come on baby, the sun, the moon and stars)
    Hey yeah {x3} (Let the tide ride, come on, let the tide ride)

    CHORUS {x2}

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