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    Hey, lover, I got a sugarcane
    That I wanna lose in you,
    Baby can you stand the pain
    Hey, lover, sugar don't you see?
    There's so many things that you do to me
    Ooo baby!
    All I wanna see is the love in your eyes (Hey, lover)
    And all I wanna hear is your sweet love sighs
    All I wanna feel is burning flames (Hey, lover)
    Tell me, tell me, baby, that U feel the same
    Tell me that U feel the same way I do
    Tell me that U love me girl
    We'd be so lost, in our mouths
    The best, I feel it everyday (Every way)
    U feel so wrong, be alone
    If u just follow somebody someday
    Soft and wet
    Soft and wet
    Soft and wet
    Soft and wet
    Every time I'm with you, you just love me to death
    Ooo weee baby, you leave me without...
    Breath! Ooo, baby! Oooo, yeah
    You're just as soft as a lion tamed (Hey, lover)
    You're just as wet as the evening rain
    How will I take it when you call my name? (Hey, lover)
    Your love is driving me...
    You're driving me insane
    Crazy, baby
    Oh, girl
    Crazy 'bout your love
    Soft and wet (U know)
    You are soft and wet (Oh, sugar)
    Your love is soft and wet
    Soft and wet

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