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    Come on, baby
    Don't make me sleep on the couch
    Love Jones is on the TV again, baby
    Eye wanna go down south, yeah

    Oh come on, baby
    It's undignified 2 sleep alone
    That's what all the people that
    Ain't got nobody do -
    Talkin' on the telephone

    Don't make me crash
    Don't make me sleep
    Without Ur kiss
    Tossin' and-a-turnin'
    With every inch of me yearnin'
    Don't make me, don't make me
    Don't cha make me, don't cha make me
    Don't cha make me suffer this

    Eye know we agreed...
    Eye know we agreed 2 b married
    U shouldn't have let me unzip Ur dress
    Why'd U do it, baby?
    Confess U tease
    Unless U please
    Don't make me, don't make me
    Sleep on the couch

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